Sunday, 19 March 2017

Brand new Computer comes with pre-installed virues

A client gives us a new computer packed in the box he brought it in. When we were setting it up as a point of sale server, we found a virus. When we contacted the company that supplied the computer, they were shocked too and stated that was impossible as it was 'Factory-sealed'. So how did it get there if its impossible, we asked?

Check even your new computers for virus.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Automatic customer stock replacement

 This is a highly powerful means to foster your patrons faithful to you and obtain more orders that you may be losing.

What occurs is whilst a patron buys a product you put in when you believe that they will run out of the merchandise. This you can estimate from their history or your knowledge. For instance, a patron buys a 30-day transport ticket. Well in 30 days, you know they will need another such ticket. So you put a programmed VIP message to be sent by email to be sent to them in 27 days, which is slightly before they run out. Another example might be a bag of dog food, which lasts three weeks so you would set the VIP system in our point-of-sale system to send a message by email in 18 days.

Currently about our system gets about a 35% open rate on this on time and from this a substantial number of order's results.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

In you point of sale system how to mark an item as not required

 and so that if by some accident it does arrive it will be pronounced on the computer as not desired. This is a frequent quandary in retail, for example, in my grandfather's shop. I recollect as a kid how glad he was that we finally got rid some pieces only to discover a short period later to his outrage that my Mum noting we were out of it, made a new order, and so it was back. This is how you can stop it.

We call this "Do not receive." You can either do it in stock maintenance, and in stock received.

How to censure  a magazine
For example, while receiving go to edit. Mark the item where the red arrow is. From now on in our pos system, it will be shown as NOT WANTED, and if it does come back, the point of sale software will place it ion the group to be instantly returned.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Charity can give a point of sale company a marketing edge

A study had shown that your customers will feel positive that their purchase at the POS has made a difference. This will increase your brand loyalty

You can use your customer receipt or send it through with a VIP email.Check up here to find detail how to do this.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Want to check the GST rates in your point of sale software

If you have GST figures coming out that are not right. The problem is almost certainly that you are importing supplier files, that have incorrect GST rates. Once there figures are put into your system it  results in these sort of issues.

You need to audit these GST rates regularly as many suppliers have many errors in their files.

Go to

Cash register> Register reports > Stock > Details Listing (Excel)

Out pops a screen like this one.

The red arrow is where you can "Sort & Filter", the blue arrow is the "Tax rate" and select all the rates that are not 0% or 10%. I also suggest that you check the 0% tax items too.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Shop control of perishable stock

Often items that are short-lived are  a problem for many outmoded POS software but it is a problem in many shops that need to handle such stock, as it can create a tricky stock management issue.

number one problem is that these losses in stock are almost certainly irreplaceable. If the stock is over its use-by date it has to be tossed. Often these losses are over 15%.

POS Solutions software is one of the few fully integrated software applications that can handle this.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Loyalty programs today

Should I use price reduction voucher system (where you give mass discounts) or a loyalty program (commitment system)?

 This was what I was asked yesterday about what sort of loyalty program would I recommend. The point is that our point of sale permits many loyalty types that are different. Note with us, they're not mutually exclusive you could utilize several together.

Here is my report

Firstly I actually do not like discount vouchers as they are an incredibly costly programs, see here for numbers.

Additionally what type of a person will you be attracting, those that like perpetual discounts. I have seen a report that people whose first purchase is induced by a price reduction are 50% less likely to want to make a second purchase. This I can believe as what your discount is doing is attracting consumers hunting for a bargain, this is scarcely prone to instil shop commitment.
Also it has no chance of reaching those people that do not buy in your store in the first place. If they have never ever purchased something in your store, just how will you provide them with a voucher? What you need to provide them with a voucher is some type of loyalty system. So we are back to a loyalty commitment program.

Lastly all good things may come to an end. With the best of intensions, you may have to pull the plug on a program. You do not want a bunch of angry customers if you do. It is very hard with Discount Vouchers to pull the plug. Once you pull the plug they are gone.

I recommended that if they go down this track that you use a loyalty program.
Customer loyalty programs do work.

However, it has to be done properly and it does involve some work. You do need to look at your demographics (gender, age, etc.), see your clients purchase history and use heavily your point of sale for crucial insights into sales. Our point of sale enables you once its set up to easily add a powerful, effective loyalty program without having to spend much and should encourage higher spending and repeat visits. It does allow you to keep in touch with your customers. Shoot them a "thank you" email to clients who make large purchases. It can let your customers know when your store is having a sale or a special promotion.

What you are trying to do is differentiate yourself while balancing revenue and costs, this only a loyalty program does.